Success, Failure and Everything In Between.

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Pains Of Life

That Must Be Endured.

With every different shoot, different adversities arise. Stoic philosophy talks a great deal about facing adversity and the outcomes of such actions by the artist; these experiences strengthens the artist. I agree.

The purity of art and the quicksand that it is delivered with as a complete package is no short than mesmerising. So you would generally spend weeks forming this emotion in your chest, a feeling that needs to be transposed into something tangible, something visual.

So, below are key points that you need to know about transforming that feeling in your chest into an image that generates a similar feeling in your audience’s chest (take point me when you are sad because the shoot didnt work out right and you are going through your own blog posts) .

Begin with assessing your subject.

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Find their best features, see the right angle for their face, see how gracefully their limbs can be posed to form a pleasing aesthetic.

Think geometry. Think beauty. Think the nature of their body.

Set design and colours.

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Set design is essential so that your viewer percieves the right tone and mood of the image; one that you want them to percieve.

Select your fabrics and textures carefully so to maintain the harmony and keep everything within the bounds of the rules of nature.

Set design is the foundation of your monument. Get it right (unlike me).

Make-up, Hair and plastic.

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Call me a cynic, call me a purist, call me ignorant; I deserve it all.

I like to see the skin texture in my images. I like lines, i like subtle changes in the skin tones, i like faces with all their purity and grandeur. So hear me when i say this, pick your make up to present the real; the truth. The truth that is your subject in front of your camera.

Make up is to highlight and reveal the hidden beauty of your subject, the little nuances that would be missed otherwise but not to form a layer of unreal on their face and hide their skin. That would be insulting to your subject, to your art and to the way of beauty.

Lenses, lighting and appropriate choices.

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Light the subject, like you would dress on a rainy day or a beach party or a funeral; appropriately.

Not every scene should be lit to make your model look beautiful, but to make your subject fit the scene they are in. Light for the occasion, a situation, an anecdote that should arise by your subject taking control of the set and putting out the energy that you seek in the shot.

Similarly, lens choices would heavily affect how the audience view your shot. Don’t use a wide lens just because you are out of space but only if you need the aesthetic and distortion in your shot. Break the wall down if you don’t have enough space. Similarly, dont shoot 85mm just because Fabio, the world’s greatest photographer, said so. See for yourself what the consequences might be for compressing the image.

Appropriately and wisely is the way of this; the way of camera.

For questions or criticisms, use the comments section below.